How to Optimize this Final 2022 Primetime

business planning business strategy real estate market selling skills Aug 25, 2022

Between September 5th (Labor Day) and November 24th (Thanksgiving in the United States), there are 79 days. These eleven weeks constitute the final prime time for real estate this year. Summer comes to a close, the kids are back in school, and many companies have timidly asked their employees to please come back into the office and work, at least a couple of days a week. Hopefully, we will experience a partial return to normalcy and business as usual. 

If you are a reader in Canada, Thanksgiving is on October 10th, and the 79 work days still conclude on November 24th.

Assuming you follow Floyd's advice and take one full day off every week, that leaves 68 work days to fill the pending pipeline, replenish your listing inventory, and prepare for business planning in December. That's a lot to do in a short period of time. 

I know real estate continues to sell all year long, but psychologically the market has a tendency to cool down until after the first of the year. So here is our advice on how to make the most of the upcoming primetime window.


  1. Take things one week at a time. Floyd gave us SMART Week to show us how to fit everything in; how to maintain balance; and how to consistently work on high-priority activities. There is a rhythm to working in "week tight compartments" that is comfortable and familiar and makes the long haul less overwhelming.
  2. Follow the Formula. Starting every Monday, work on bringing in a saleable listing first. Separate the lookers from the buyers – only work with qualified and motivated buyers, and keep in touch with the lookers. And show and sell in-house inventory.
  3. Learn to do the dance of success – it's three steps forward and two steps back. Whenever you find yourself going backward, give yourself a "kick in the butt" and start dancing. Step 1 is to set a goal. Goals give you energy and focus on your priorities. Step 2 is to make a commitment. If you are in, go all in. Tell everyone about your goal. Visualize it. Carry a reminder of it with you all the time. Promise yourself a reward when you hit it, and a penalty if you don't. Track and conspicuously chart your results toward that goal. And Step 3 is to do the basics. The most basic thing you can do to get going in the right direction is to talk to people. Have conversations that generate leads and convert the leads into appointments.


The quickest and most efficient way to have more conversations is to use the phone. Talk to the people you know and ask them who they know. Be grateful for their help and ask specifically for the type of people you want to work with. (By the way, don't miss my webinar next month – How To Find Your Ideal Clients). And when you run out of people you know, talk to people you don't know – like For Sale By Owners, expired, canceled, and withdrawn listings, neighbors around a recent sale, homeowners in a neighborhood where you have a buyer looking, and the people you meet because you are wearing your real estate apparel or name badge.

Making calls sends a message that you are open for business and open to business. Remember that old saying, "It's not the calls that you make, it's that you make the calls."

Okay, Wickies, here comes Prime Time.  

Rise and shine and do what you do best – serve your clients, make a difference, and finish the year strong!

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