Reflecting on Four Keys to Success...

Jul 11, 2013

A Glance Back at the Start of the Year by Floyd Wickman

As we kicked off this year, we took a few moments to share some of the most empowered insights that came out of our Winter Forum in January.   Our incredible attendees were focused on all the components needed for hitting their goals this year. Now as we get ready to gather this weekend for our Summer Forum, (from which we will be excited to share our NEW insights), I wanted to just a brief look back at how we started the year and ask:  Did you implement any of these ideas?  Are you on track?  Do you need help?  What have you learned?

Here are the four keys we started the year with:  

1.  Create a LASER FOCUS on your goal.  To do that - first it has to be YOUR goal.  Something that will motivate YOU. Excite YOU.  Move YOU to take the action every day to get where you want to go.  Too often we have our 'goals' handed to us by a boss, a friend, a family member -- even an 'expectation' from others.  That's not going to do the trick.  Make it something YOU can get fired up about and then create a laser beam focus on it.

2.  Create a FOOL-PROOF plan to achieve your goal. "Ah, but Floyyyyyddd...Planning is a lot of WORK."  I know. But a well crafted plan complete with systems in place, daily activities and actionable items coupled with your laser focus is the 'work' that will get you where you want to go this year.  Luck won't do it.  Wishing won't make it so.  Make the plan - then follow it DAILY.

3.  Have an UNSHAKABLE BELIEF that you can achieve your goal.  Our minds truly can be our greatest asset or biggest anchor.  Give yourself the best gift (and the best shot at success) you can have by fueling your mind and your spirit with the unshakable belief and unwavering conviction that you WILL achieve your goal.  (Your mind will immediately go to work to help you do just that!

4.  Have a SUPPORT TEAM in place to help you achieve your goal.  That whole 'no man is an island thing'?  TRUE.  Listen you can't be all things to all people effectively all the time.  No one can.  The smartest, most successful people I know capitalize on their strengths, delegate the work they can and stay focused on the goal-achieving activities.  You need to do the same to make this year your very best.  The great thing is - we're right here to help be part of that support for you!

We've got just five months to go friends. Where are YOU in terms of the goals you've set for this year?  This half of the year?  Have you put these four elements in place in YOUR business and life?  You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you do.  To everyone who shared their stories, successes, strategies and more with us at the Forum - thank you!

And to all of you joining us this weekend for MORE networking, sharing, learning, training, coaching, and yes, a lot of good-old-fashioned FUN, we can't wait to see you!


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