How to Know When It's Time to Refresh Your Listings

floyd wickman listings real estate agent sales Sep 30, 2021

As Floyd Wickman teaches, "There's nothing wrong with any listing that the right price and terms won't cure."


As hard to believe as it might be in this market of multiple offers, pocket listings and desperate buyers, there are homes sitting on the market unwanted. Not everywhere, of course, but we are seeing more fall-throughs, more price reductions, longer days on market, and lulls in activity.


If any of these symptoms are affecting your inventory, or if your Seller's expectations of immediate results are causing them anxiety, here are some refresh tips from one of my coaching teams.


  1. Take new photos. Up both the quality and quantity of the images. Almost all home searches begin online, and your photos may be making a negative first impression.
  2. Rewrite your property description. Or better yet, hire a professional copy writer ( to punch up the write-up.
  3. Send reports on showings to the Sellers.
  4. Hold open house and invite all the neighbors.
  5. Get the property in tip-top shape, especially first look at the curb, and first look at the entryway.
  6. Get a new price, either up or down, but always negotiate money face-to-face.

And my personal favorite…

  1. Raise the commission 1%. Nothing says, "Show me to your buyers!" like an above-market co-broke commission.


You may not need these tips right now, but if you stay in real estate long enough you will.


The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin

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