Sep 19, 2016

A Floyd Wickman Blog by Mike Pallin The kids are back in school, the holiday weekend is behind us, and nothing’s happening.

Just got back from vacation and I can’t seem to get restarted.

Had a big closing month, income goals already met for the year, it feels like I am coasting.

The definition of MOMENTUM is the strength or force that something has when it is moving, and the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger.

Moving forward. Growing stronger. That’s momentum. When you’ve got it going on, you move things forward and you feel strong. It is a force, like the tides, like gravity, that feels like it is propelling you. Riding the wave. Getting into the flow. Being in the zone.

Momentum is a wonderful and energizing booster rocket when you have it, and a bag of rocks when you don’t. You begin to doubt that you can ever get it back. It’s like you don’t know what to do anymore, or where to start. No energy, no desire and no clue.

If you are stuck there now or know someone who is, here’s some advice on how to regain momentum and get back on track.

First, review your goals.

If you don’t have goals, set some. As Floyd says, “Goals give you energy.” If you've already hit your goals for the year, set new ones. Make sure they are consistent with your Purpose. Make sure they are specific, measurable, attainable, something you want for you, with a time limit and visualized.

This is often the hardest step to take. It’s like getting up off the couch to go work out. But it’s necessary to clear the mental cobwebs out. At any given moment, you have the ability to choose your thoughts and to direct your thoughts. And at any given moment if you are not choosing your thoughts, then your thoughts are being chosen for you.

Reviewing your goals will redirect your thinking and reconnect you with the reasons why you do what you do. This first step to regaining momentum is all about regaining some control of your thoughts and feelings.

Then, renew your commitment.

Take your goals and convert them into activity. Use the reverse engineering formula. Start with the end in mind and work backward. For example, if you have an income goal, convert income into closings; closings into sold listings and sales; sold listings into listings obtained; listings obtained into appointments; appointments into conversations; conversations into numbers dialed. Connect a specific amount and type of daily activity with accomplishing your goal and commit to the activity.

How about just for today? Can you commit to doing one specific thing just for today? How about just for 90 minutes? Put that activity/time commitment into your SMART Week.

That’s a good start on commitment. Then take it a few steps further. Figure out a reward and also a penalty. An if you do, and an if you don’t. And burn that final bridge by going public with your commitment. Take your commitment to your Board of Directors. Or post it on facebook. Or find accountability partners.

Finally, return to the basics.

The most basic thing you can return to is your routine. Get up. Train the brain. Get to your desk. Write your Top 5. Talk to people.

That’s it. Review your goals. Renew your commitment. Return to the basics.

It takes effort. Who can forget the sight of Zig Ziglar pumping that farmhouse water pump to get the flow started? You have to pump harder to get it started than you do to keep it going once it’s started. Momentum is like that. It takes a little extra effort to break the chains of inertia and regain a trickle of momentum. But if you will do these three simple steps, a trickle turns into Niagara Falls.

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