Remove the OPTION to Fail...

Jan 26, 2014

One of the Best Lessons I Ever Learned... By Floyd Wickman


Some of you know my story.  My first boss when I entered real estate – was a NICE guy.  Truly, full of the best intentions – but under his management style I failed for almost a full year before it dawned on me, “Wickman, this ain’t working!”  That’s when fate stepped in personified in my second boss – not so nice – but without a doubt a man who taught me one of the best lessons I ever learned.

Instead of pleasantries he said, “Wickman, if you want to work here, you will be productive to this level right away. And to make sure you are, you will do this, this and this.” And he proceeded to give me a task list like you’ve never seen to be accomplished or I was OUT.  In other words -- He REMOVED THE OPTION to fail.

The truth of the matter is, I would have done anything my first boss made me do until it became a habit. But too much was left up to me. Don’t get me wrong. I worked hard. But I wasn’t doing enough of the right things the right way at the right time.

Sometimes, I believe we are drowning in a sea of information, and yet most people are thirsting for direction. Whenever you bring new people into an organization, you owe it to them to give clear, step-by-step direction at the outset. Teach them how to do what they need to do, make sure they do it, and make sure they know that you follow up to make sure they do it.  It’s called the “tell” style of management. As in, my second boss “told” me what to do. Frankly, it was a relief. Until the right habits are formed, telling is the most effective style of managing.

Too often we hear people say, “Well if it doesn’t work out I’ll just quit.”  In business, relationships, and commitments.  There are options to fail everywhere – EASY options – and that’s a little sad.  I’m not saying there aren’t  times when getting OUT of a situation isn’t EXACTLY what you need to do.  Of course there are.  But in terms of succeeding in business – in sales – in tough markets and changing economies? There are more possibilities than obstacles when you really look.  And the smart professionals – the ones who will do more, achieve more, produce more and make more than ever before despite it all – they’ve burned the bridges of failure behind them.  No options.

Will it always be easy?  No, probably not.  But it will be worth it.  One of the ways our incredible family of students across North America keeps focused on this valuable lesson is through our R-Squared groups.  Accountability partnerships.  People to keep you focused on the present and the future.  On doing the TASKS you need to do to succeed in any market – any economy.

If you are truly ready to make this your best year ever…REMOVE  the OPTION to fail.  FIND an integrity partner.  PRACTICE great habits, great skills, great communication and great patience.  And when times are tough – remember this – TOGETHER, we can do anything.  Contact my team for R-Squared Group information in YOUR area.

Love ya!

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