Removing the option to fail

Aug 02, 2009

I was asked once what I thought was the number one reason why so many fail out of real estate.  My answer was and is:  "Real estate is too easy to get easy to get out...and too optional while you're in, and, if you give people the option to fail 70% will take that option every time".   What is the number one way to insure one's success?  When a person makes a real and true commitment to succeed the option to fail is removed.  What are some ways we can solidify our commitment.

1.  Burn your bridges.  A great story to illustrate this point is of the Admiral who, after all of his battle forces were landed on the shore at the site of a major battle, burned all of his ships.  He than announced to the to his armies that they must win this battle or they could not return home.   not having any choice, they won.  go forward as if there was not an option.

2. Say "I'm in" often.  Make an announcement that you are in this for the duration.  Let everyone know that you are going to succeed no matter what comes your way.   Get away from 'giving it a try'.  Just like you can't 'try' to stand up.  you are either standing or you're not.  Imagine there is no such thing as trying.  You are either doing it or you're not.

3.  Belong to a group.   Have a group of people you will be responsible to and for.  Schedule regular meetings, either group phone call or face to face.  Have a rule there is no negative allowed...hold each other accountable for producing...share the best techniques with each other...verbalize your commitment to activity or production between meetings. 
Whatever you can do to help the others succeed you will be doing for yourself.

4.  Get a coach.  Have a long term commitment with a financial loss if you quit early.   This can help with taking away the option in two ways.  One of course is the money lost if you don't apply yourself.  The other is that you are growing and developing yourself at a higher level.  At a higher level you can than handle those problems that would ordinarily cause us to want to quit.

There are plenty of ways to take away the something as opposed to nothing.



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