Renewing Your Enthusiasm - Is Your Attitude Impacting Your Business?

Apr 25, 2018

We all know how hard it can be going to work every day when our enthusiasm isn’t there.  It's easy to lose enthusiasm when we only hear the negatives at home, on line, around the office or on the news. We can even hear the negatives when they are non-existent, because of this kind of conditioning.  

Our future does not depend on the opinion of news commentators or real estate “experts,” but on our perspective of what they are saying.  It depends on our attitude... not theirs!  A negative attitude can wipe out whatever enthusiasm we might have previously had.  So let's do an exercise to find that enthusiasm again:

See how many points or reasons you can come up with while answering the following questions:

For an owner who is considering selling his or her  home and buying another, why is this the perfect time to do so?  (Write down as many reasons as you possibly can and share it with everyone who will listen.)

For an agent who is questioning why he or she should stay in real estate, what were the reasons you got into the business in the first place?  (Take your time and write out clearly all of the reasons and read it often.)

For the person that doubts they can succeed in today's market, why are you more than qualified to be successful now? (Again, list the reasons and remind yourself often.)

The last four letters of enthusiasm, IASM stand for I Am Sold Myself.  So if you're not sold yourself, if you can't come up with enough answers to the above questions...what’s the alternative?

In my seminars I frequently ask this question . . . "What happens to most new people who get into this business within a relatively short period of time?" Someone almost always shouts, “They quit!

And then I add, “But they don’t always leave right away, do they?” I have seen people walking around in a ‘state of quit’ for a year or more before they wake up and transfer back to civilian life.

Yes, it’s true that I struggled for most of my first year in real estate, but I did something about it, thanks to the “suggestion” of my broker. I got trained. I learned how to sell. Very few are natural born salespeople. Most of us have to learn how. The Good News is that it can be learned. All it takes is a little enthusiasm.

So if you see someone you care about walking around in a state of quit, lacking enthusiasm, share your lists of reasons and help them regain that enthusiasm they had when they first got licensed.

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