Aug 08, 2009

We all know it's difficult going to work everyday when our enthusiasm is lost.  It's easy to lose enthusiasm when we only hear the negatives around the office or on the news. Often even we can hear the negatives, even when they are non-existent, because of this conditioning. 

Our future depends, not on the opinion of the news commentator, but on our perspective of what they are saying.  On our attitude...not theirs!  A negative attitude can wipe out whatever enthusiasm we'd previously had.  So let's do an exercise to find that enthusiasm again:

See how many points or reasons you can come up with while answering the following questions

For an owner who is considering selling his home and buying up, why is this the perfect time to do so?  (List as many reasons as you possibly can, print it out and share it with everyone)

For an agent who is questioning why he or she should stay in real estate, what were the reasons you got into the business in the first place?  (take your time and write out clearly all of the reasons, print it out and read it often)

For the person that doubts they can succeed in today's market, why are you more than qualified to be successful now? (list the reasons and read often)

The last four letters of enthusiasm, IASM stand for I Am Sold Myself.  So if you're no sold yourself, if you can't come up with enough answers to the above questions...GET OUT OF REAL ESTATE!

If you're still unsure, read my book "Should I Quit Real Estate?"

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