May 22, 2016

Resiliency By Mike Pallin, President of The Floyd Wickman Team, LLC

Q: “I have so many good and positive things going on in my business, and then I lose a listing to a competitor and it knocks me off track. It changes my state of mind from positive to negative. How do I roll with the punches and stay focused on all the good things?”

Rejection hurts, even in the midst of abundance and plenty. The ability to absorb the “punch” of rejection and bounce back quickly is a healthy trait to develop. Here’s some advice that may help -

A: “Find out why. I lost two listings last week and found out that one listed at an unsaleable and unrealistic price, and the other listed with a family member. It wasn’t something I did wrong or didn’t do right. That helped me get over it.”

A: “Go to your SMART Numbers and take the guesswork out of it. What is your traditional hit ratio on appointments to listings taken, and is this an abnormality, or is it consistent with your numbers?

You can’t get them all. Nobody can. You don’t even want them all, anyway, because you couldn’t help them all even if you did get them all.

Now if this isn’t consistent with your normal hit ratio, analyze the appointment and look for anything you are either doing or not doing.”

A: “Learn something from this experience, and if you can, put something in place to prevent it from happening again. Until you feel like you have learned a lesson, you can’t let it go and move on.”

A: “It’s OK to let it bother you, but only for a little while. Put a time limit on how long you’re going to stay bummed out, and put the time limit in your SMART Week. OK, by Thursday at 3 I will be over this.”

A: “Do something symbolic, a little ritual, to help you let it go. Put their name on a piece of paper and tie it to a helium-filled balloon. Let the balloon drift away up into the sky.”

A: “Remember SW, SW, SW, SW. Some will. Some won’t. So what. Someone’s waiting.”

And finally, from Floyd’s fb post earlier this week, a reminder out of Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think And Grow Rich - A: “Every failure, every setback, every heartache contains within it the seed of an equal advantage – if you will look for it.”

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