Should I Sell Now Or Wait?

floyd wickman hot market selling real estate agent real estate agent tracks techniques Oct 28, 2021

Have you heard this question from a prospect lately? And if so, how do you respond, because this seems to be on almost every potential Seller's mind. They are hearing crazy things about the real estate market every day, and uncertainty always creates procrastination.


P.S.A. Here are some tried and true "Wickman-style" answers.


  1. I would.

(Delivered with the proper facial expression and voice inflection, as if it's perfectly normal.) This answer usually prompts further conversation, or at least a "Why do you believe that" question. Always a good thing.


  1. Because you have built more equity than you may think, and now is the perfect market to capitalize on what you have built.


  1. No one knows for sure what the market will be like next year, but we do know what the market is right now.


  1. When you sell first, you become a cash buyer and cash is King. Cash offers are the most competitive and most popular among Sellers.


  1. What exactly are you waiting for? Conditions to get worse? Interest rates to go up? Buyer demand to slow down?


  1. Conditions are so favorable now that buyers may be willing to buy your home AS IS and you might not have to remedy all that deferred maintenance.


  1. Conditions are so favorable now that buyers may be willing to give you extra time to shop and stay in the home rent-free after closing.


  1. No problem. You have me to make sure you find your next home with plenty of time to shop without pressure. In all my years of serving real estate clients, not one has ever ended up homeless.


  1. Selling now puts you in position to buy what you want through a rise in prices. Demand is real. It is demographically driven and appreciation will continue. Rates are still historically low, so if you have any kind of desire to upgrade or downsize, there has never been a better time.


  1. What are your plans?

Let me reassure you I would never try to talk you into listing and selling with me, simply for the sake of me having a listing. The only reason I would want you to even consider hiring me now is because you are totally convinced that I am the best agent to go through with your plans. Are you familiar with the Fall-Through list? (And then you know where to take it form there.)


And by the way, if you're not hearing this question, you're not going on enough listing appointments.


When you do get out there at the kitchen table, no matter when they want to sell, remember Rule #1. Get ink. Get the signature now regardless of when the listing is going active.


The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin

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