Shave And A Haircut, Two Bits

Jan 31, 2017

A Floyd Wickman blog, by Mike Pallin, President of The Floyd Wickman Team, LLC Growing up, I went to a barber shop for a haircut once a month. Three chairs, no waiting. That was back when I actually had a lot of hair.

Nowadays, I visit a salon by appointment once a month, and a young lady ‘styles’ what's left.

I recently asked her how much she paid for the scissors she was so expertly using, and was surprised to hear her say, matter-of-factly, “$995.” And how many pairs do you have? “Three!”

I asked her why they cost so much, and she replied that they were precision instruments, made of specially forged steel, never became dull, and that she had paid well over $20,000 to get her Cosmetologist license and wouldn’t jeopardize it by using inferior tools of the trade.


Driving through Chicago I saw a billboard (they are hard to miss) advertising a law firm specializing in bankruptcy filing for just $995. I called and asked, “How many of the people coming to you seeking to file bankruptcy can’t come up with the $995?” Their answer was, “None of them. They all find it somewhere.” I asked, “How can that be? They are filing for bankruptcy.” They replied, “When it’s important enough, people find the money.”


Here’s a few things I found for sale on Amazon.

Hudson Resurrection jeans made from a hodgepodge of old jeans. $995.

A Charlie Brown cashmere Halloween costume sweater. $995.

A rechargeable ride-on Modobag, luggage you can ride through the airport! $995.

For the ladies, Charlotte Olympia Lucinda Suede and Metallic Ankle Boots. $995. And for the gentlemen, Saint Laurent HEDI 40 Fringed boot. $995.

Some people in America have a lot of disposable income, and they spend it on some fairly ridiculous things, don’t they? Others, at the end of their rope, somehow find what they need to survive. And then there’s the rest of us, somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

If you’re not declaring bankruptcy or going out of business, and if you think frittering away $995 for a Halloween costume is profligate, consider taking a tip from my friendly hairdresser. Invest in the tools of your trade.

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