Show Me An Office

Apr 07, 2015


Let’s play a game, OK? It’s called “Show Me An Office…” I will describe the office and you tell me what the flaw is, fair enough? 

Here’s how it works. We start with the five jobs of a sales manager: recruit, train, direct, motivate and upgrade. These five jobs are like the links in a chain and, as we all know, a chain is only as strong as the weakest link. 

I will give you the weakest link, and you tell me the flaw. Here’s an example. 

Show me an office that can recruit but can’t (or won’t) train, and I will show you an office with a large staff of low producers. 

OK, now it’s your turn. 

Show me an office that can train, direct, motivate and upgrade, but can’t recruit effectively, and I will show you a … 

What's your answer? 

That’s right! I’ll show you an office with a small staff that’s getting smaller. 

Show me an office that can recruit, train, direct and motivate, but won’t upgrade – and that means let non-producers go – or fire them, in other words – and I’ll show you … 

If you answered, “I’ll show you an office with really low morale and zero team spirit,” you are correct! 

Isn’t this fun? 

Only one more to go. Here’s your last Show Me An Office question. Show me an office that can recruit and train, but won’t direct and motivate their agents… 

Time’s up! Survey said? Yes, a large office with very few listings and a bunch of exhausted, low producing agents showing homes to lookers. 

Why is this true? Because the five jobs of a sales manager are to: 

  1. Recruit new agents to be listers, and hire experienced listing agents.
  2. Train agents how to get listings.
  3. Direct agents listing activities.
  4. Motivate agents to list.
  5. Upgrade them if they don’t, or won’t or can’t list. 

Thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts for you at the back of the room, and if you call now, we will include a free, no-obligation visit with one of our Floyd Wickman Program Trainers who will show you how we turn real estate licensees into listers. 


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