The 11th Reason

Apr 13, 2016

By Mike Pallin, President of The Floyd Wickman Team If you’ve been to a Wickman seminar, event or program in the past few years, you’ve heard Floyd’s Top 10 Reasons to be a listing agent. We have been teaching agents the selling skills needed to be volume listers for over thirty years. But listing inventories around the country are still shrinking to record lows. It’s time to revisit Floyd’s Top 10 Reasons, and add an 11th.

Why Be A Listing Agent?

Here are Floyd’s Top 10 Reasons

1. You are more in control of your income in any market with listings

2. You determine your income level by your inventory level

3. It takes 50% less time to get to a closing than with a buyer

4. There’s less competition for listings than for buyers

5. Leverage - All the other agents are working for you

6. You have better control of the offer and sale

7. You have better control of your time

8. You can better project and budget your income

9. You earn while you are away on vacation

10. You can sell your own listing and double dip

And now here’s that important and overlooked 11th reason to be a listing agent . . .

11. Listings prospect for you • Yard signs generate leads • Web syndication generates leads • Open Houses generates leads • Word of mouth generates leads • Office/virtual tours generate leads • Showings generate leads • Offers generate leads And • Sellers generate leads (if you ask them to!)

Smart agents print customized business cards or post cards for each Seller to hand out to their SOI, and then they follow up on their weekly service call, by asking . . .

“Mr. /Mrs. Seller, who did you give a card to this week?” Or “Who have you had a real estate conversation with this week?” Or “Who asked you about your house this week?”

Turn your service call into a qualifying/prospecting call by asking a few more questions.

Now obviously you still have to prospect and make calls to get listings. But let your listings do some of the prospecting for you as well!

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