The Easiest Listings to Get Right Now

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What do you think? Which ones are the easiest listings to land right now?


The For Sale By Owner?

No. They don't want to pay a commission, and they believe (rightly so) that they can find a buyer on their own.


The expired listing?

No. There are so few new ones, and most of the older ones have put up a real estate agent shield.


The pre-foreclosure?

No. They don't even know what they are doing with their current home, much less the next one.


The For Rent By Owner?

No. It's too easy to find a tenant and raise the rent.


The non-owner occupied or vacant property?

No. The same answer as above.


Your buyers who have a house to sell before they can buy?

No. They want to find one first.


The CMA's you did 5 years ago?

No. You haven't talked to them since then and they have forgotten you.


The new parents who need more room?

No. They're waiting until the market calms down and they can afford a down payment.


The work from home-ers who need more room?

No. They're hoping the office reopens in September, or else they're really starting to like this work-from-home thing.


The separating or divorcing couples?

No. Seriously? Have you tried getting people like this to agree on anything?


So, what are the easiest listings to get right now?


(DRUM ROLL…) The answer is probate, estates, and land, providing there still is vacant land in your area.


What do probate and land have in common? The owners don't care where they are going next. Everyone else on the above list does, and that is the piece of the puzzle you have to address if you want to work with them.


The question of the day is, "If I sell what I have, where is there for me to go?"


By all means work probate, estates, and vacant land. They are the easiest listings to get right now.


To have more listing prospects, in fact, to have all the prospects you need, shift the focus of your listing presentation away from marketing - "What we do to sell your house." That message is out of date and out of touch.


First and foremost, you have to believe that right now is the most favorable Sellers market in history, and the absolute best time to find the right buyer. And then convince your Sellers that you can get them moved, safely, affordably, and without having to settle for less than they want.


What do you think? What are you experiencing in your market?

Let us know in the comments below.


The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin

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