The greatest gift.

May 05, 2011

I was thinking back today of a time a few years back when Linda and I invited about 30 students into our home for a get-together.  As a token of our care and an opportunity to share a positive principle, Linda gave each person an ornament with the inscription “The greatest gift we can give to those who love us is to be happy.”

As someone who loves a great many people in my life, I can attest to the fact that I am not at my happiest when even one of them is not happy.  I love my children and so my happiness is always a reflection of their level of happiness. I believe that we are never happier than the level of our unhappiest child.  I love my team, so if someone there is going through a tough time too, that can bring me down.  However, whether I’m up or down, how I project those emotions to the people in my life, can make all the difference.

Let me illustrate: “How did your day go, sweetheart?” asks the spouse of the salesperson.  “It was miserable,” replied the salesperson with a sad face.  “The mood in the office is down, we lost two deals today and I’m just feeling depressed.”  If you were the spouse how would you feel at this moment?  Pulled down?  Sad?  Hurting for the one you love?  What is the value of ‘dumping’ on family when we know it’s going to affect them negatively?


It’s all in the delivery! Now I’m not advocating keeping it all in.  I think there is great value in the ability to open up with each other and talk about what’s bothering us.  Remember this though--it’s all in the delivery.  You might have heard the old saying “fake it until you make it!”  Sometimes that’s exactly what we have to do in those instances when we’re feeling negative so that we’re not spreading that emotion to those we care about.

Let’s rewind. Replaying that scene with the ‘greatest gift’ in mind might sound something like this:  “How did your day go, sweetheart?”  Salesperson’s reply:  “Well, there were a few character building bumps today.”  “It’s nothing that can’t be overcome.   I learned some valuable lessons today so I guess I’m smarter than I was yesterday.”

I believe if we can put on a happy face to, for and around the people in our lives that care for us they will be happier.  That’s a small price to pay for such a big of reward.

Selling the smile. If you’re a salesperson, you think in terms of benefits.  So let’s list several specific benefits to you of putting a smile on your face with the ones who love you.

  1. Your family and friends will feel more confident, secure and have more peace of mind knowing you are fine.
  2. The law of attraction would say that you will attract more ‘happy faces’ to you.
  3. The law of positive projection would cause good things to begin happening to you.
  4. You will ultimately be happier just because you are acting happier.  This is called the law of repetitive affirmations.
  5. You will be giving the greatest gift to those who love you.

So, keep this thought in mind today:  “THE GREATEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE TO THOSE WHO LOVE YOU IS TO BE HAPPY.”   Copy it down, and post it somewhere conspicuous and remember for those times when you’re not feeling it – ‘fake-it.’


Love ya!

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