The Most Successful Realtors We Coach

coaching conversations foundation fundamentals lead generation success skills Mar 30, 2023

Success leaves clues. Footprints that make up a path to follow. Breadcrumbs left behind by a generous few to mark the trail.


If you are new to this business, be grateful for those who came before you for paving the way to survive and succeed.


We can have a tendency to dismiss the characteristics and traits of those who succeed as luck, personality, gift of gab, sphere of influence, or just being in the right place at the right time. But that would be to ignore undeniable and irrefutable evidence.


Floyd Wickman observed, “There are two ways to learn how to succeed. The first is through personal experience. The trouble with learning that way is by the time you have enough experience most people are either too old, too broke, or too tired. The best way to learn is through other people’s experience.”


Since we began the R Squared Coaching program in 2009, my partners and I have been obsessed with discovering the common denominators of the most successful people we coach. And so like any good detectives, we collect data, ask questions, compare notes, and share conclusions.


The results are in and the numbers don’t lie. They tell us a truth that has applied through recessions, depressions, pandemics, booms, busts, and upside-down markets.


Here it is. The most successful people we coach simply have more qualifying conversations every week, week in and week out, than anyone else.


Some call. Some knock-on doors. Some network. Some do it alone, and some use partners. But the one common denominator is the sheer number of conversations each of these successful people make themselves have with clients, potential clients, friends, family, neighbors, associates, acquaintances, and people they don’t know (yet).


They are good at it. They follow a track, not a script, using their own words and style. They schedule time for it and treat that time as important as they would a listing appointment. They show up. And they do it consistently because they have discovered the meaning of life.


I hope I didn't just lose you there. So please connect the dots with me.


Conversations generate leads. Leads become appointments. Appointments become listings and sales. Listings and sales become closings. Closings generate income. Income creates a lifestyle. Lifestyle fulfills one’s life purpose.


And so, starting today, I challenge you to have more conversations. On purpose.


The Floyd Wickman Team Blog by Mike Pallin

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