There's Magic in Threes...

Jul 04, 2011

How to Have a GREAT Rest of the Year... It’s time. 

There's a reason we hold our Summer Forum at this time every year.  It's TIME.  There’s five months left in the year and a lot of folks are looking at those goals that you set way back in January and thinking, “Uh Oh!”  I know --Not you Master Salespeople – just the “other guys” – right?

But as Master Salespeople, I know you like to share and look out for your fellow sales professionals – so let’s do this, I don’t mind.  As you know I always say there’s “magic in threes” – so let’s share three things salespeople can do right now to help ensure they have a great rest of the year.  Ready?  Here they are:

  1. Get Booked NOW. That’s right – no time to waste.  While everyone else is beaching it or hiking up a mountain, call as many contacts as you can and touch base with as many people in your referral base as possible. Ask if there’s anything you can do for them, if they have any questions and let them know you’re “expanding your business” and could use their help.
  2. Get Laser Focused. What is it that you REALLY want? What are your goals and your family’s goals for the rest of the year?  What kind of holidays do you want to have? Clear-cut, definitive, specific, attainable goals visualized with pictures allow you the laser-focus you need to write out the plan that will carry you through the next five months.
  3. Block Your Time. That “all work and no play” thing is real.  Master salespeople block their time so that they can strike the balance.  They can prospect AND have a life. They can reach goals, build a better business and keep clients happy AND make it to their kid’s soccer games, eat together as a family, take a day off.  They can take the time they need to fine-tune their skills, learn new technologies and develop the mentor/protege relationships that will allow them to raise the bar on their profession while NOT working 24/7.

Work on these three things this month and you’ll start to put the pieces in place to have a more peaceful and productive rest of the year. And don’t forget this month – and every month – to be sure to count your blessings and appreciate the people around you who care and support you.  You’ll be happier, healthier AND more productive for it.  And if you're one of our extraordinary sales professionals who will be  joining us soon in Michigan for our mid-year "check up from the neck up" at the Master Sales Society Summer Forum to re-connect with mentors, friends and powerful colleagues, re-focus on the goals you've set and ready to re-new your energy, excitement and enthusiasm for this business we call sales -- then I can't wait to see you there!  I'm ready if you are!

Here’s to a great rest of the year!

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