They Don't Care What You Know...

Jan 09, 2013

Until They Know That You Care... by Floyd Wickman

We're heading into our Winter Forum this weekend which is always an exciting and eye-opening time for everyone involved.  We laugh, learn and share a parade of techniques that are working - in diverse and changing markets all across our industry.  For those of you attending - we can't wait to see you!  For those of you we'll miss - be sure to catch the next one.  There is something so amazing in salespeople openly sharing what they know and have learned with one another without being territorial or holding back.

One of the things that comes to mind at this time of year as salespeople move into new routines, new business plans and new tracks for success is a reminder that we are, and always will be in the PEOPLE business.  And one thing is for certain -- this timely adage still holds true today:  “They don’t care what you know, until they know how much you care.”  That’s more than a motto – it's a fact and it's especially relevant when times are challenging and competition gets tough.   Why? Some agents meet that type of market aggressively and with dollars in their eyes.  Others focus on being the best advocate, resource and guide for their clients.  Which do you think is better received in today's world?

As professionals you should learn to show your care and concern, project your service commitment AND keep control of the sale situation.  One of the best ways to do that – is by asking QUESTIONS.  There’s so much power in questions.  They allow you to be in control and the person answering to be engaged and interested which is the key ingredient to getting them to do business with you!  I like to teach my audiences to ask what we call “wopen” questions.  That is – open questions that start with those famous five “Ws” – who, what, when, where and why.  Why?  (Glad you asked!)  Because asking open-ended questions prompts your customer to give you more than just a “yes” or “no” answer.  It draws them in, invites them to elaborate and provides you with not only a great opportunity to engage – but to listen and learn for all that valuable information that their sharing in between the lines.  Questions are a great way to gauge motivation, test the water for closing questions and find out any fears or objections they might have that would keep them from making a decision.

Like any other sales tool or technique, asking the RIGHT questions takes practice.  So, practice!  Make it part of your day – every day.  The more comfortable YOU are asking questions – the more comfortable your customers or prospects will be answering them.  Especially those closing questions.  In today’s world, you need to have courage to ASK for the business, but first step first – let your prospects and customers know and FEEL that you care.  In the manner that you speak, the tone of your voice, the body language you project, the questions you ask and the intent that you project.  Care, Courage and Questions=a great sales combination!

Good luck and we’re here if you need us!  And again - if you're joining us for the Forum - we look forward to seeing you!


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