"This Too Shall Pass..."

Jul 14, 2011

The Perspective of HOPE Ups and downs.  We’ve all had them, right?  And throughout my years, I’ve seen more than my fair share of stressed and struggling sales professionals at the brink of throwing their hands up and questioning themselves and asking if it’s time to just quit.  If that’s you or has ever been you – do this for me.  Write this down.

“This too shall pass.”

“This too shall pass.”  I love this old saying – and the power that lies behind those four little words.  Because it’s true.  Whatever it is – bad times, good times and everything in between – it won’t last.  Nothing lasts.  And with that perspective comes a great gift:  HOPE.

Hope because if you’re going through a TOUGH time – you know it’s not forever.  Do what the top guys do in when they hit a rocky time. Take a good look at what’s going on, figure out what lessons you can take from it and come out the other side of it stronger, smarter and better for it.  Then don’t dwell - leave it behind you and let it go.

Hope because if you’re going through a GREAT time you know it’s not forever.  So, celebrate it, enjoy the victory, count your blessings – then make sure you  are doing what you need to do in your business, your relationships and your mindset to stay on track so the next rough patch doesn’t throw you or keep you down too long.

I’m a big fan of perspective, and hope, and yeah, even old sayings like “This too shall pass.”  All three are great reminders and motivators to live in the presentfind the positive and appreciate what we have TODAY because we never really know what tomorrow holds.

So the questions to ask YOURSELF today - is what can you do DIFFERENTLY to make this day count?  What EXTRA can you do in terms of your career, your health, your mindset and your RELATIONSHIPS that will let you lay your head down at night and know you've done your best before this day too - passes away. Something to think about!

I'm excited about today.  Our Summer Forum kicks off and I'll be surrounded by extraordinary sales professionals, friends and colleagues.  You can bet this day will be filled with hope, promise, strategies, skill building, success stories and terrific memories.  While I know this too shall pass....I hope the day just takes its sweet time so we can savor every minute!

HOPE you have a wonderful day and know that I appreciate you!

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