Three Gifts From Floyd...

Dec 03, 2013

How would you like to open three early Holiday gifts from Floyd? Well, here they are. Just for you. Go ahead, it's OK.

Gift #1 - A laser beam focus on your goal for 2014

Email us for the Focus Organizer - and you can:

  • Put your Purpose in to your Goal and your Goal into your Purpose

  • Track your SMART Numbers and quarterly ROCKS

  • Put Floyd's 11 Step Goal Achieving Checklist into action

  • Develop your selling skills with a self-coaching rating system

  • Turn your weaknesses into strengths

Gift #2 - A foolproof plan for achieving your goal in 2014

  • Use the "Wickman Formula" for converting your income goal into closings

  • Convert closings into sales and sold listings

  • Determine how many listings, listing appointments and conversations you need to have

  • Stay in control of your prospecting time each week

Gift #3 - Unshakable belief that you can and will achieve your goal in 2014

Listen to Floyd's powerful message How To Be In Positive Control Of Your Life  and you will learn how to:

  • Strengthen your relationships

  • Avoid being manipulated in any situation

  • Show the people you care about most how much you care

  • Put the power of positive affirmation to work for you

But folks, these are just the stocking-stuffers. How would you like to get all of these gifts and much, much more live and in person from Floyd himself, the Floyd Wickman Team, and your most generous and productive colleagues in the Master Sales Society?

A ton of ideas, objective advice, practical solutions, the latest in employing technology, skill building, networking, motivation and inspiration - well, you get the picture.

But you won't get them at home. So join us at our next event!

Happy Holidays!

The Floyd Wickman Team

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