Three Must Have Ingredients for Success and Happiness

Mar 16, 2016

What's Worked For Me

by Floyd Wickman

You know, I am at the point in my life where I am both humbled and blessed to think of all that I have achieved, and overcome.   There's a little of both in every life-right?  The victories and the obstacles?  I think for those folks who have found a level of both success AND happiness share some common denominators and I'd like to share them with you.

1.  WORK HARD.  Nothing will ever replace hard work as a major force in taking one toward the goal.  Asking yourself "What can I accomplish during my workday?" rather than "What can I get out of doing during my workday?" is one noticeable difference between an achiever and a person who just gets by.  Remember, if you wish to leave your footprints on the sands of time...wear work-shoes!

2. HAVE STRONG CORE VALUES.  Those traits that best describe a person and his or her ethics, guidelines or promises can often predict the outcome of ones efforts toward achieving the goal can be reduced to concise and clear core values.  A person needs only to look back upon a successful period of his life to discover his core values.  What traits obviously contributed to the successful outcome?  How would others describe the 'work ethics' or conspicuous characteristics he demonstrated?

To help the reader understand what I mean by Core Values, I give you mine.  To Always...

...Live by the Get-by-Giving Philosophy.

...Make my clients number one goal, my number one goal.

...Live up to my standards despite temptations to lower them.

...Be willing to work toward a common good.

...Do what I say I will do.  Sometimes more, just never less.

Each person should ask themselves this question.  "Are my core values such that, if I adhere to them, I have the best chance to achieve my goal?

3. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE HOME-COURT ADVANTAGE.  This is a term my 'big brother' Zig reminded me often of throughout the years.  Simply put, he said we cannot succeed to our full potential without the people in our life rooting for us.  Encouraging us to be our best.  Whether it is our spouses, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers or just our closest friends, our odds of success soar when they are cheering us on and giving us our space to grow.  How do you get this?  You get by giving.  By encouraging the people closest to us; giving to our families the love and attention they want and need; and, putting their needs high on our 'to do' lists, we dramatically increase our odds of having that 'home court advantage".

Linda and I have been married for a very long time and I can tell you,  beyond the shadow of a doubt, without her encouragement, belief and support, I could never have achieved the success I have.  No one does it alone.  In my book Letters to Linda we share the 15 principles that has given each of us the 'Home Court Advantage'.

On a day where we there is much wishing each other well, and sending out fun Irish blessings, I encourage you to also take a good look at the ingredients in YOUR life and career and determine for yourself what's working and what's not so you can better position yourself for BOTH success and happiness.



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