Three Ways To Get More Listings Now

Sep 11, 2017

The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin I would like to give you the easy answer and say that the surest way to get more listings now is to go on more listing appointments, but I won’t because it’s not true. At least it’s not true for most real estate agents.

Most real estate agents will not have the conversations necessary to generate the leads that convert into more appointments, so going on more appointments is not a solution for them.

Ask Floyd how he got an average of 86 listings a year for 7 consecutive years, and he will tell you that he went to the office every Saturday morning and made the calls to generate the leads that converted into 5 listing appointments a week. As a listing agent, he then took Saturday afternoon and Sunday off.

Let’s say that’s just not practical or reproduce-able today. Let’s say that today is a whole new ball game, a horse of a different color, that was then and this is now. If you don’t schedule 5 listing appointments a week, or have someone schedule them for you, what can you do today to take advantage of the appointments you actually do have?

You can do these three things, and they will make all the difference in the world in your results.

1. Prepare yourself.

Don’t go on the appointment to see if you can get the listing. Go on the appointment to see if you want the listing.

Make this into an affirmation that you repeat out loud in the car on the way over to the house. I’m serious. Out loud. “I’m not going over to see if I can get it. I’m going over to see if I want it. If I want it, I will do them a favor and take it.” A whole bunch of times.

This will psychologically prepare you for the prospect saying, “You know we’re not signing anything tonight,” as they greet you at the door. That is what they have been thinking and saying to each other, reassuringly, before you get there. “Now remember, honey, we’re not signing anything tonight.”

That way, prepared with the right attitude, you can say (to yourself), “Well I don’t even know if I want it yet.” And out loud, “That’s no problem,” as you take them to the kitchen table. Makes a world of difference.

Floyd says, “Your attitude going into something usually determines the outcome.”

2. Prepare your materials.

Here is a Wickman Rule of Thumb, “Never just tell people something you can also show them.” If you are going to set an agenda, ask a qualifying question, make a point, tout your marketing plan, suggest a price, estimate their net, ask for a signature or handle a hesitation – have your visuals ready, organized and at your fingertips.

Make sure your visuals have a consistent look. A modern look. A professional look. Yes, take everything with you, but whatever you show them should reinforce your professional image.

3. Prepare your Sellers.

Before you consider going on the appointment, confirm that all the decision makers will be there. Confirm that they have set aside enough time. Confirm what they are thinking in terms of a price.

And then send them something in advance of the appointment that introduces you. People buy people first.

References pre-sell you. Credentials and designations pre-sell you. Testimonials pre-sell you. 5 Star reviews pre-sell you.

Going on 5 listing appointments a week (like Floyd did) adds up to more than 200 appointments a year. If that’s not part of your game plan, then make the most of the opportunities you do have by preparing yourself, your materials and your Sellers.

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