Timeless and Timely – The Best Keeps Getting Better

Jun 19, 2015

Timeless and Timely – The Best Keeps Getting Better  Those who are looking for Floyd Wickman to remove the timeless ingredients from his programs will have a long wait. Salespeople still have to prospect and convert leads into appointments. Salespeople still have to be able to deliver a persuasive, visual presentation – and handle hesitations – and get signatures. And most importantly, salespeople still have to build and maintain repeat and referral business through relationships. The master selling skills will never go out of style. 

The combination of technology and automation has made it possible for salespeople to do many of the basics of selling better, quicker and more consistently. As the industry evolves and adapts, so does The Floyd Wickman Program by incorporating what’s new and what’s working now.



Broadcast and print media are not the only games in town anymore. In many ways, social media can be as effective at generating leads, creating awareness and building relationships. Social media farming helps salespeople stay in front of prospects, but staying connected will never go out of style.



Floyd taught us to manage our time by managing our activity one week at a time. Mastering SMART Week puts salespeople in control of their time. Block out appointments on a calendar in advance. Color code them for balance. Identify the most important things to do each day. Google calendar (and other apps) make your SMART Week more portable, and much easier to rearrange on the fly, but managing time will never go out of style.



Getting your pre-appointment package in front of a prospective buyer or seller has always helped sell them on you before they even meet you. People buy people. References, credentials and testimonials are the primary ingredients of an effective pre-appointment package. Written testimonials are powerful selling tools, but a video testimonial is a difference maker today. Technology makes it possible to add video and deliver your package digitally, but pre-appointment packages will never go out of style.



Floyd taught us the dialogue for converting incoming property inquiries into face-to-face appointments. The script works on the phone. The script works at an open house. And the script works to funnel internet leads. Buyers start their search on the internet, but they finish their search with an agent viewing a property. Separating lookers from buyers will never go out of style.



A picture is worth a thousand _________? Tongue-in-cheek, Floyd always says, “Dollars!” And a great visual presentation can be worth a lot more than a thousand dollars today, especially when we have to present or negotiate long distance.  A Good method of presenting is on the phone, but it lacks the visual. Better than just phone is phone plus visual, with Skype or FaceTime, or phone with an on-line platform like go-to-meeting. Best is always face-to-face, but it’s not always possible. Technology can add control of what the prospect sees and hears, but a visual presentation will never go out of style. 

The Floyd Wickman Program will always teach the master selling skills of lead generation, lead conversion, presentation and relationship. They are timeless. Social media, digital packages, on-line presentations and Google calendars are timely, and we add them to keep the program current and up to the minute.  

It’s not an “all-new” Floyd Wickman Program. It is everything it has always been, and what’s new, too!

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