Together, We Can Solve Anything

May 14, 2011

Together we can solve anything.  I believe that.  I’ve seen it work.  I know what’s possible.  That’s why I’d like to share three of the principles we teach in our coaching programs.  I know they have made a difference in the lives of our clients and hope they will do the same for you. Four Focused Principles:

1.  Stick to the numbers. We call them smart numbers, but whatever you call them, knowing your numbers this month, and every month is the only way to truly stay on track.  Numbers steer clear of emotions and allow you to stay focused.  Take a look at things like number of contacts, appointments, sales, and track them each week so that you know where and when you are falling short of reaching your goals.  That way you can get right back on track!

3.  Skill building. Take a look at your skill sets such as generating prospects, controlling the appointment, separating lookers from buyers, negotiating, etc. Then rate your level of skill for each from 1-5.  Next, each month work on tapping into systems and training that can help you build on each skill and ensure you continue to take your business to the next level.

4.  Turn your weaknesses into strengths. One of the best and most important things to do as a sales professional is to continually look at what weaknesses you are experiencing and find the appropriate action plan to help you turn weaknesses into strengths.  Things like procrastination, fear of prospecting, etc. can be overcome through time really help you become in better control of your career and life.

I challenge you to expand the possibilities in front of you and take a look at the year ahead and consider what could be. Can you reach the next level?  ABSOLUTELY!  I truly believe that with the right skills, direction and emphasis, anyone in sales can!  So, if you’re ready to go to the next level, then FOCUS, and put these three principles to work for you starting today!

If you need help with that focus, call my office today!  Know that we’re always here for you and that “Together, we can solve anything!”

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