Top 10 Lead Generating Conversations

Apr 11, 2018

I have been tracking the activity and production results of three groups of agents to see where the real differences in production, inventory, number of listing appointments, and lead generation begin.


Group 1 produces more than $100,000 GCI per year.

Group 2 between $40,000 and $80,000.

Group 3 less than $32,000.


There are no real differences in age, height, weight, gender, ethnicity, IQ, experience or facility with the English language. They all work for the same company in the same market.


Since the average sale price is essentially the same for all three groups, I wanted to discover the numbers behind the productivity difference, with the hope that the numbers would lead to reasons.


The first noticeable difference was that Group 1 carries more listing inventory than Group 2, and Group 2 carries more listing inventory than Group 3. What caused that?


Group 1 goes on more listing appointments than Group 2, and Group 2 goes on more listing appointments than Group 1. What’s behind that?


Group 1 has an average of over 30 lead generating conversations per week. Group 2 averages just under 20. Group 3 averages fewer than 10 conversations per week. And why is that?


In case you are wondering, here is the list of who Group 1 talks to every day, 5 days a week. And, by the way, Group 2 is less consistent Group 1, but more consistent than Group 3.


  1. Platinum Book of Business
  2. Lookers who have a house to sell but who are out there looking to find one first

  3. Homeowners in an area where they have a buyer who needs to buy
  4. Following up on internet inquiries
  5. For Sale By Owners
  6. Expired listings
  7. Open House preparation or follow up
  8. Homeowners in an area where there is a new listing or sale
  9. Following up with a prospect they have already presented to but who hasn’t listed or bought yet
  10. Someone who they want to express gratitude to (for a referral, for a kindness, for setting an inspiring example, for making a difference, etc.)


If you want to rock your world, make it a point to have at least 30 lead generating conversations a week. Use the above list as a guide. It is by no means a complete list, or the best list, or the only list . . . but it is a list that works for one group of agents making well over six figures a year.

Do you use any of these conversations? Comment below which work best for you.


The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin

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