Top Sales Agents “Think Six”

Jul 24, 2011

A Time to Focus on Success Strategies, Economics and the Power of Connectivity by Robert Chartuk, Marketing Director

It was an extraordinary time had by all.  Top producing sales professionals from across North America gathered at a special forum recently to renew their faith in the economy and discuss how they are continuing to thrive despite market conditions.

"We have faith in North America's economic engine and are proving every day that the keys to success can be applied by anyone in any market," said Nelson Zide of ERA Key Realty Services in Framingham, MA.

Zide is a member of the Master Sales Society, a group started by sales trainer and motivational speaker Floyd Wickman to identify--and teach others--exactly what it takes to excel as a salesperson.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with our economy that master selling skills can't cure," said Floyd Wickman, whose early career failures started him on a path to success he now shares with others through the Master Sales Society.

Untold numbers of people in the U.S. and Canada have become models of success in the current economy, according to Wickman, by focusing on three key principles:

  • They made up their mind to be successful
  • They stick to a formula that works
  • They associate with successful people and have mentors

"These concepts may seem basic and simple, but are at the core of every high earner I've ever worked with," Wickman said.

The theme of the sales society's Summer FORUM was "Think Six," a motto that sums up the mindset of top sales professionals.  "Once I convinced myself I could really be successful, the rest fell into place quite easily," said Juli Facer, of RE/MAX Unlimited in Ogden, Utah, who reported she is already well beyond the first-half goals she set for herself this year.

"With strong confidence in myself, I stuck to a winning formula and associated with successful people," Facer explained. "I ignored all of the negativity about the market and the economy and focused on the things I could control, which was my attitude and how I conducted my business. Before long, I was hitting my goals and have never looked back."

Herb Miller, a Certified Residential Specialist with Prudential in Dayton, Ohio, explained some ingredients of his winning formula:

"First, build a relationship with your clients and be very clear about what you want to accomplish together," Miller explained. "Selling is not talking, but asking questions so you can understand exactly what your client's needs are and how you can fill them."

According to Miller, the market downturn caused him to work smarter, not harder. "A professional never stops learning," Miller said, "and most successful people are glad to show you because they know that's how they learned."

"The American Dream is still alive and well, but first, you must convince yourself that you can live it," said Jamie Bodiford, whose Think Six mentality has enabled her to earn a six figure income despite the recession.

"I just keep doing the things that made me a top producer and I take every opportunity to learn from other Master Sales Society members," concluded added Bodiford, a Century 21 agent inNorth Texas.

"Success in this economy is here for anyone who wants it and is willing to do what it takes to achieve it," said the Bodiford who earned her company's Centurian designation for the last six years and is among the top one percent of sales agents in the world.

For those who made it out for this special event – many thanks for adding to the voice, the conversation and the community. There’s strength in numbers.  Power in personal relationships.  Game changers in networking.  To learn more about the next Forum or Master Sales Society, go to or give us a shout.  We’re always here to help!

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