Wanna close the sale of this house?

Jul 25, 2010

Are you the seller or are you the buyer.  Or, are you the buyers agent or the agent of the seller?  No matter your role, isn't it true you all have the same objective?  To close the sale, right?  Well, here's the secret.  Work together! 

If everyone would understand the value of unity, and how it can work in favor of all, more sales would close a lot sooner and for sure a lot more smoothly.  A buyers agent and a sellers agent, working closely, caring-ly and with mutual respect, may not be the trend but it sure beats what happening now.  Wouldn't you agree there is currently an almost adversarial relationship with a tone of distrust while two agents are working together?  So how's that been working for you?

I can see it all now.  Sitting at the sellers kitchen table is the sellers agent, Gary and the buyers agent Dawn, along with Paul and Carolyn, the sellers.  I can hear the sellers agent saying to the sellers,

 "Paul, Carolyn before we present to you what the buyer is proposing I want you to know that Dawn and I met earlier and had a discussion about yourselves and the buyers and what your motivation and concerns might be in making a move.  We, of course, did not discuss anything confidential but felt it would be best for all concerned for Dawn to be presenting the buyers proposal.  Would that be alright?"

As he takes out a lined pad to illustrate, he says "I would like you to thing of all of us as been part of the team who's only goal is to accomplish a sale that is most satisfactory to all parties concerned.  I of course representing your best interest and Dawn working with the buyer.

Before anyone can make a move there has to be three components in place at any given time.  First, we must have a home to sell, which we do.  Then a seller who has a desire to sell.  Which we do.  And finally, we need a buyer that is ready, willing and able to purchase this home.  At this point we have all three components."

"The job Dawn and I have tonight, as part of the team,  is to present all three components to you, answer any of your questions, and if you have any concerns or seeking advice you can express that and we can talk privately or openly at your discretion.  Then we can put our heads together and determine what we can do to make this sale work so we don't end up losing the buyer which is the third component. Neither of us will violate anything confidential, of course, but we feel that together we have the best odds of help you and the buyers go through with your plans."

Here are the question's that need answering:  If everyone is honest and open,  and yet no client fiduciary relationship is violated, isn't it better for all parties if the sale goes faster and smoother than they have been lately? 

As long as no confidential information is disclosed, wouldn't most sellers and buyers want their agents to work in harmony with each other so the sale goes faster and smoother?

Let's remember the words of the Promise Keepers:  "We have not come to compete with each other but to complete each other".

Or, Henry Ford:  "Coming together is a beginning, working together is progress, staying together is success".

Why can't we all just get along?  www.mastersalessociety.com



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