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Jan 31, 2016

Leading --- and Living by Examplemichelle rizzo We were honored to host all our wonderful guests at last week’s Master Sales Society. As always, we shared laugher and friendship as well as solid strategies, powerful insights, and the kind of growth-inspiring tools that are sure to help everyone kick their 2016 into high gear. A special thanks to our long-time friends and colleagues Danielle Kennedy and Tom Hopkins for joining us on the main stage. What a fantastic reunion! We were thrilled to have you both.

Kudos as well go out to this year’s Get by Giving Award recipient Michelle Rizzo. When we asked our members to nominate someone for this prestigious award we share what it stands for: Quiet generosity. Dedication to Floyd’s Core Values. Service to the membership of the Master Sales Society. Living and leading by example. In a word: character.

Michelle certainly embodies all of that and more. We sat down with her for a quick post-event Q&A and we wanted to share it with all of you.

Q: Congratulations Michelle. You are SO deserving of this wonderful honor. Can you tell the readers a little about yourself to start?

A: I got my license in 1985. Most of my career I was a single mom. I have three children Marc 30, married also in real estate, Brielle 21 In college and Michael 17 in high school. Real estate gave me the flexibility to be there for my children. It also allowed me to earn an income to support my family.

Q: Get by Giving, as you know, has been Floyd's philosophy since his early years, what does it mean to you to receive the Get by Giving award?

A: It is the most important career award I have ever received. To be recognized by my peers and Floyd is a great honor.

Q: How has Floyd's training helped you throughout your career?

A: My career is where it is because of Floyd. I have taken the course 14 times in 31 years in real estate. It continued to help me increase my production each time I took the program.

Q: Were there any Ah-Ha moments for you from this year's Master Sales Academy?

A: To look at my real estate business as a calling as opposed to a job.

Q: Wow! That’s powerful! If you had to give one piece of solid advice to agents who are eager to follow in your footsteps, what would it be?

A: Know your numbers. I focus on signatures, fully executed contracts or listing agreements. That will guarantee closings. The more you do the more you get.

Great advice, and a deserved recipient for this year’s award. Thank you so much Michelle. You are truly an inspiration. If you’d like to network with Michelle, you can follow her on Facebook, or find her via email.

Big thanks again to all who attended our wonderful event. We hope to see you again this summer at the Forum!

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