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What is Commitment?

attitude decision priorities Feb 15, 2024

Have you ever made a wish that didn’t come true? Or started a project that never got off the ground? What if there was a way to hit your goals every time?

There is a way, and the secret ingredient is commitment.

We teach a three-step track for achieving anything you want in life, including success in real estate sales.

Step 1. Set a Goal

Step 2. Make A Commitment

Step 3. Do the Basics


Setting a goal is easy. Make it something you want for you, and make it specific, measurable, visualized, and with a deadline.

Doing the basics is easy enough. Talk to people. And starting every Monday work on bringing in a saleable listing first. Separate lookers from buyers. Show and sell in-house inventory. That’s the formula.

But how does one make a commitment? I know what I want and what I should be doing to achieve it, but how do I make myself stick to a commitment?

We all know the experience of committing to a New Year’s resolution, typically to lose weight or get in shape, only to wake up sometime in March still at the same weight, or more, and still unable to fit into that favorite Spring outfit. Or we make a promise to give up chocolate for Lent, only to wake up Easter morning to find the 3-foot chocolate rabbit we bought at CVS two weeks ago has somehow mysteriously disappeared.


Here is what we know about commitment. Commitment is commitment is commitment. It is not subject to anything… or contingent on anything. Commitment requires a reward if you stick to it, and a penalty if you don’t. Commitment requires you to burn bridges so there is no possibility of retreating backward. Make it public. Make it noisy. Remove the option to fail with commitment and you will succeed more often. 

Does it last forever? No, nothing does. You only need commitment until you need it again. Sometimes within the same day.

As a reminder, the next time you have bacon and eggs for breakfast, look carefully at the plate. The chicken made a contribution. The pig made a commitment. When you focus on that middle step and make a commitment, it will energize your goals, and keep you on track so that you stick to the basics.

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