What is Your INTENT?

Dec 11, 2013

And Why Character Matters All Year Around

By Speaker and Sales Coach Floyd Wickman

I often say, "It's what we do when we don't HAVE to that determines who we'll be when we can no longer help it." One of the characteristics of GREAT people -- is not necessarily the success they’ve earned, the amount they have in the bank or the awards on their wall – but the CHARACTER they show day in and day out – regardless of circumstance, troubled times or obstacles in the road.  They start each day with the INTENT of helping others, of making a difference and of staying true to the core values they’ve set for their lives.

In tightened economies and shifting markets sometimes it’s easy to forget for a minute what we have said we stand up for.  Sometimes it’s simpler (we think) to cut corners, justify inequity or say there just isn’t enough time, money, energy, etc. to do what’s right or necessary.

But honestly?  Intent is everything.  Your core values mean something.  And your customers, colleagues, kids, family, friends and that person in the mirror need to you have the courage to do the very best you can each day and give it your all.

So for today, let’s do this...let’s stay focused and true to the things, practices and principals that enable you to successfully:

  • get by giving
  • help the people  around you
  • trust in abundance
  • steer clear of the negative
  • focus on high-priority activities
  • be a lifelong learner
  • be both mentor and protégé
  • stick to your values, whatever the circumstance

In every market, every situation, and every economy – people want to work with those they KNOW they can like, and more importantly TRUST.  Be that person and develop that trust by letting your true INTENT show.  At the heart of our core values is a ‘get by giving’ philosophy.  Our intent is to help people rise to the next level, get more from their lives, and work and live in balance.  So today and every day – wake to ask yourself – what is MY intention?  Then make it happen!


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