“What’s the Secret to Success?”

Jul 20, 2011

(HINT: It lies in the little things.) “Floyd, what’s the secret of success?”  I get asked that one a lot.  I usually have to chuckle to myself a little thinking, well gee, if I REALLY had all the answers I’d be on a mountain somewhere in robes with people climbing up to get my advice right?  Oh well, for this one – no mountains required.  The secret to success is different for everyone – depending on what their definition of success really is.   I can tell you one thing I’ve learned through the years though with ultimate surety and that is “There’s nothing special about special people, it’s what they do every day that make them special.”  In other words, there’s no “secret.”   Success – at least in terms of building a better business, nurturing stronger relationships, and finding peace of mind is a matter of doing all the necessary little things every day.

What KIND of “Little Things?”

Service:  Master salespeople make this a top priority.  Their integrity, values and reputation are on the line.  It’s not enough to just be “good” at your job – when you’re working with clients, you’ve got to make their number one goal – your number one goal.  Service is about doing your best and being your best for the people your represent.  From listening (more than talking sometimes) to fine-tuning your negotiation skills so that you can always be sure to protect their interests to just plain developing a relationship with them so you know where they are and how you can be help.

Commitment:  This is one of those “little things” that’s really a big thing.  From the job you’re doing to the personal and professional relationships in your life – people have to know they can count on you.  That you’re in.  That if you say you’re going to do something – you do it.  You don’t have to do more – but they know you’ll never do less.

Time:  It’s a precious commodity.  We only get 24 hours a day to do what we need to do.  Make sure that you’re managing it well so that the people in your life are a priority.  So that you’re taking time to re-charge and take care of yourself.  And so that you’ve got systems in place and you’re putting in the work to ensure you’ll be on track for your goals.

There’s lots of “secrets” to success.  The key is to look at what success means to you then figure out what YOU can do every day that makes you “special” and brings you closer to where you want to go.  Tell me – what’s YOUR secret?



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