When The Going Gets Tough

affirmations coaching Nov 17, 2022



Whew this market is really slow. Rates are too high. Nobody can afford to buy. And even if they could, there’s hardly any listings for them to look at. Commissions are under fire from the Missouri lawsuit. FSBO’s are having a field day. Nothing’s happening.



OMG I wish this market would cool down. Everything is selling above asking price with multiple offers. You can’t keep a listing long enough to hold open house. Buyers are getting frustrated over seller demands. FSBO’s are having a field day, it’s so easy for them to find a buyer. Nothing’s happening.



What just happened? It’s like somebody just flipped a switch. Everyone’s wearing masks. How can you get listings when no one will let you into their house? How can you sell a house when you can’t show anything? No one’s in the office. Nothing’s happening.



Holy cow, the banks are all failing! Everything is in foreclosure. I have so many listings I don’t know what to do, and haven’t seen a qualified buyer in months. Nothing’s happening.



This war has brought everything to a standstill. Listings are everywhere, but prices are cratering. I can’t keep up with price reductions fast enough. Calling expireds is useless. They’re getting hundreds of calls a day. Nothing’s happening.



But, Floyd, you can’t sell real estate with interest rates this high. “Come on,” said Floyd, “You have to be positive!” Oh, we’re positive, you can’t sell real estate with interest rates this high.


“Listen, the economy doesn’t have to determine your economy. Let me prove it to you. If you will do everything I tell you to do for the next 91 days, you will never again complain about the market or the economy.”


And those who did – who made the commitment and got back to the basics – discovered a timeless formula. When the going gets tough, the tough get back to the basics, because it’s not the going that has gotten tough. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


Our good friend Zig Ziglar said it best. “When one finger is pointing at the problem, three times as many are pointing back at the solution.”


What action will you take this week to help yourself get back to the basics and resolve any tough times you are facing?


The Floyd Wickman Team Blog by Mike Pallin


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