Who Do You Know Who....

Oct 12, 2011

Fits this description....?

  • Lives by the 'Get By Giving' philosophy
  • Walks and talks like a Master Salesperson
  • Would welcome an opportunity to supplement their real estate income
  • Might be looking for "something more" at this time in their life

We are expanding our business due to the high demand of our results-producing training and I could sure use your help.

If you know someone who fits this description, we would like to have a conversation with them about joining the Floyd Wickman Team as a "part-time" Program Trainer. They can keep their current business going and learn how to train the Wickman Way at the same time. It might be the "something more" they are looking for.

Please have them call Mike Pallin (734-213-7512) for a first step, confidential interview.

Thank you!

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