WHOOPS - Restart

Jan 17, 2018


The Floyd Wickman Team blog by Mike Pallin


The year began with good intentions, high hopes, great expectations, big dreams, lofty wishes and strong resolutions. And then life happened.


A weather bomb paralyzed the East Coast and cancelled flights, schools and appointments.


All those people who said, “Call me back after the first of the year,” haven’t answered your voice message, email, text, thank you notes and smoke signals.


Maybe your teenager dropped out of school and ran away from home. Or Grandma wandered away from the Assisted Living Center. You forgot to renew your homeowner’s insurance policy and home warranty and then the hot water heater exploded, taking out the furnace with it and flooding the basement.


Reasons to procrastinate have become so much easier to find than reasons to dig into SMART Week and Top 5 Things To Do. You just feel kind of blasé, out of sorts, down in the dumps, like you might be coming down with that nasty man-flu that’s been going around.


OK, wait a minute. Let’s take a time out and look at what’s going on here. We started the year with intentions, hopes, expectations, dreams, wishes and resolutions. What’s missing?


Aha! We’re missing specific, measurable goals with a time limit and goals that are something you want for you. Floyd gave us the formula: Set a goal, because goals give us energy. Make a commitment, and commitment that is ‘subject to’ is not a commitment, it’s a cop out. And then do the basics – talk to people, generate leads, convert leads to appointments, put on presentations and get signatures.


No matter what day it is, any day you want to you can start over. It’s just a little whoops, and thank God you caught it in time to restart. Make today Day 1. Set a goal. Make a commitment. Do the basics.


And whenever you find yourself off track, as we all do from time to time, restart by reviewing your goals, renewing your commitment and returning to the basics.

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