Why Don't People Return My Calls?

May 29, 2019

I was referred to a potential client by a friend last week and I called and left my normal message – "Hi, this is Mike Pallin with The Floyd Wickman Team. I was referred to you by (NAME). When it's convenient, please give me a call back at 734-637-4030. Look forward to hearing from you!"


No return call. Waited 48 hours and called again. Left another message. No return call. And then this same issue came up in a coaching session. My #1 goal is to connect with people I am referred to in a timely way. My #1 challenge is getting them to return my call. How do I get return calls from people I have been referred to?


Read the marvelous advice below that was given:


  • You only called once? It takes an average of 8 calls to get a return call.


  • Send them a video message instead of just calling. 

  • Call and text. People are WAY more likely to answer a text. Think about it: How many texts are unopened on your phone right now? Odds are the number is very low and for most of you, it’s zero. 

  • Connect with them on LinkedIn and send a message with your connection invitation.

  • Send a message on Facebook Messenger. Did you know Facebook Messenger has an open rate of 90%? The highest out of any social media messenger app. 

  • Find them on social media, connect, comment, and like their posts.

  •  Mail an envelope with a pre-stamped postcard inside, addressed to you, with this message:

Dear Mike

I know you were referred to me. Don't give up. Things are really busy now. 

The best way to reach me is my preferred method of communicating:

__ phone

__ email

__ text


  • Leave a message on their website in the CONTACT ME section.

  • When all else fails, send flowers. 

  • People are really busy these days. Keep your energy level up and your expectations under control.

  • And finally, instead of just calling, do some or all of the above.


So that's exactly what I did and SNAP, just like that, I got two return messages – one on facebook, one on gmail. "Sorry It's taken me so long to respond. The best way to reach me is email."

The smartphone is a modern miracle. Of course it has drawbacks, but it is the best communication tool salespeople have EVER had. Do you agree?


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