Why List Now?

Feb 04, 2021

Those people who are thinking of selling but don't have to, the people we call discretionary sellers, have pretty much made up their minds that now is not a good time to sell. They have already catalogued all the reasons why they should put it off, maybe not forever but just for now. You've probably heard them all.


  • The pandemic

  • There's nothing to buy

  • There are too many unknowns

  • Global economic uncertainty

  •  Our home will sell too fast and we will end up homeless

  •  Our home will sell too fast and we will have to settle for something less than we want

  •  We have to fix it up first


In other words, today's consumer has already thought of why they shouldn't list now. If you want to get listings, be prepared with the reasons why listing now makes sense. Not so that you can argue or debate, but so that you can give wise counsel and be their trusted advisor.


Here is some food for thought about why now is a historically fantastic time to sell, even if you don't have to.


  • Because there is an extreme shortage of homes for sale, most markets are experiencing high rates of appreciation and, in many cases, multiple offers

  • Buyers who have to sell their current home before they can buy the next one are in the least competitive negotiating position. Selling first makes you the most attractive buyer.

  • Experienced real estate agents can prevent you from owning two homes at once, or from ending up homeless, by coordinating closings and moving. 

  • Buyers are willing to allow Sellers to stay in the property after closing, in some cases rent free.

  • Sellers today are receiving 'as is' offers, and are able to sell without having to make expensive repairs and upgrades, and without having to comply with burdensome Inspection remedies.

  • We know the market we have now, the interest rates we have now and the inventory we have now. Many economic forecasts predict a wave of foreclosure and short sale listings hitting the market and depressing prices later this year.


To sum up, Sellers who buy first lose money at both ends. They pay more for what they buy and have to take less for what they sell. They frequently end up having to move twice.


But there is a way to have your cake and eat it, too. Sellers can keep all the money they would have lost buying first. They can have all the time they need to find the next house. And they won't have to move twice. All they have to do is List Now.

The Floyd Wickman Team Blog by Mike Pallin

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