Aug 02, 2009

Frank Outlaw said:

Watch your words, they become your thoughts.  Watch your thoughts, they become your actions.

Watch your actions, they become your habits  Watch your habits, for they become your destiny.

In this day and age how important is it for us to begin our day with positive words?  And,  if they will lead to positive results, are they not essential?   Members of the Master Sales Society are asked to begin each day with the following pledge and we would like to share it with you.  If you would like a FREE frame-able version just go to www.FloydWickman.com/Frameables

I am a Masters Salesperson.  As such I will always be guided to do and say the things that contribute to my success.

Today I will walk and talk like the Master Salesperson I am

Today my core values will direct my activity.

Today I will take the steps that lead me closer to my goals.

Today I will accept adversities as friendly foes and learn from them.

Today I will perform with an air of confidence yet I will show other that I care.

Today when asked the secret of my success I will gladly take the time to share.

From this moment on, anything that happens happens in my best interest because I am a Master Sales Person.

Add to this a prayer of gratitude and I guarantee you a more successful and satisfying day.



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