You Can Make a Difference...

Oct 26, 2012

Little Things Matter by Sales Speaker and Coach Floyd Wickman

The truth is?  You CAN make a difference.  As salespeople, we have the power to help drive an economy forward.  We have the ability to be a resource to the people in the communities that we serve.  We can empower them with the answers they need to make the decisions they must for their families.  We can help them connect, put down roots, find the homes that are just right for them, make investments in their future and make friends along the way.  I think that's pretty amazing - don't you?

So what are some of the little things you can do each week that will make a difference?

Reach out.  Don't be afraid of the phone or of walking the neighborhoods you service and reaching out to people.  Heaven knows people have questions today about how the market changes affect their families - and you are uniquely qualified to help them find the right answers.  Be there for them for that.  Ask them what they need - how you can help. Salespeople are natural connectors - and you may be able to help them advance their businesses and in turn they will refer you over and over again.

Do your homework.  Be sure that you are never slacking in knowledge.  Our market and economy will ALWAYS be in a state of change.  The people in your sphere or farm will look to you for the most up-to-date information possible.  Never let them down.

Do good work.  I've built my organization, career and life around a 'get by giving' philosophy.  I can tell you without question that when we do good work, the kind that helps other people, be that through charity, community service, championing great causes or all of the above - it will come back to you.  We were put on this earth to help each other.  What we give will be given back a hundred-fold.  So give generously and compassionately.

Advocate.  There will be times when you will have to fight for your customer or client's rights, their best interests and their bottom line.  When you consistently are the salesperson in town that is known for getting the job done, making the right things happen and always having your client's backs - word will spread, you'll get more business - and ultimately be able to HELP more people.  Which is really what we're here to do.  When you focus on the PEOPLE and not the COMMISSION it's funny how you'll get more of each!

Take time out.  Don't forget that your family and friends are just as important as the community you serve.  Make time for them.  Make memories with them.  And for yourself.  I've always said a life can only live out of balance so long before something gives.  Take the time.  You'll be a better salesperson for it - but more importantly - a better PERSON for it.

So this week - and every week.  Go ahead.  Make a difference!

Need help finding the balance or doing that homework?  We've got your back.  Call us anytime.


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