You've Got Greatness In You

Feb 21, 2012

A Simple Belief to Take to Heart  By Floyd Wickman

I was re-reading my book, Letters to Linda this week. Sappy-right?  Well, yeah – but it’s still February and she’s truly been an amazing blessing to me and the love of my life.  So I’ll own up to that kind of sappy any day.  (Wouldn't you?)  One of the stories towards the end of the book where the character Josh says goodbye and the line “You’ve got greatness in you.  Don’t ever forget it,” almost jumped off the page at me.  I was reminded of how very important it is to not just hear that from someone – but more importantly to BELIEVE that about yourself.

It’s not always easy, I know.  Most of us didn’t travel through life unscathed.  There were doubts and worries and insecurities and missteps.  One of the most powerful and propelling gifts we can give to ourselves however is the courage to let go of what we want and need others to think of us so much and develop the confidence to be kind to ourselves.  Like anything else – it takes practice.  Daily affirmation.  And a whole lot of letting go of the coulda, shoulda and woulda’s of the past.

I believe, like my good friend Zig Ziglar, that we are ALL born with greatness in us.  We all are blessed with unique talents, skills, intelligence and character that will take us exactly where we want to go in life if we tap into our gifts and well, frankly, sometimes just get out of our way.

So let’s do this, for the next week, let’s all dig down and look for all the things that make us special, unique and blessed.  Not in a “I’m the greatest” kind of way – but more in the “wow, how blessed am I” kind of way.  Make a list, check it twice and put it in front of you.  Now we can start looking at all the ways we can take each of those “gifts” and leverage them for greatness.

Sounds like a great way to finish out a month to me.  You in?

Love ya!

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