Your 4 Step Sales Presentation

dialogue presentation skills selling skills Dec 07, 2023

One of the simplest ways to create a presentation that is both repeatable and flexible is with a memory hook. The hook makes it easy to remember the step-by-step track. When you always know what step you are on and what comes next, it’s easier to stay in control. 

There are two extreme approaches to a sales presentation on either side of a step-by-step track. One is to memorize a presentation word for word.

The major drawback to that approach is you can become inflexible. “Don’t interrupt me, lady, or I’ll have to start over from the top.”

The other extreme is to just ad-lib and improvise, and there are two major drawbacks to this approach.

While there is a lot to be said for relying on personality, gift of gab, and natural charisma, you will probably leave out important details, because no one’s memory is perfect every time. This approach also makes performance improvement more difficult.

When you follow a track, you get the best of both worlds with none of the drawbacks. You have the flexibility to use your own vocabulary and style, the mental space to pay attention to your clients, and the feedback from results to coach yourself up.


One of my favorite memory hooks for a sales presentation comes from the phrase, “If you can spell, you can sell.”

We use the acronym L.I.S.T. for Lead In – Investigate – Show and Sell – and Tie Down. An easy to remember four-step sales presentation.

Lead In first, meaning take control and build rapport from the start. Then ask your qualifying questions (like any good investigator). Your client’s answers will guide you in the Show and Sell step. Until you know exactly what they want and why, you’re probably talking to inattention. And finally, Tie-down – wrap it up – close – get a decision and a signature.


If you are just putting your first presentation together, or if you have been using the same old presentation that needs a refresh, take these four steps one at a time.

Ask yourself what dialogue or tool will accomplish the objectives of each step. Then back up each with a visual.  Get a team together in your office to critique each other’s presentations.

Or invite agents in your cross-country network to a brainstorming session on Zoom.


What's your next step?

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